SCAMT laboratory (Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies) is one of the most dynamically developing laboratories in Russia and world-wide.

Its creation was initiated by Vladimir and Alexander Vinogradov together with the scientific backing of Prof. David Avnir from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Established in October 2014 with only 4 Master students, the laboratory developed and expanded very quickly. Already in 2015, several new independent research groups were established, focusing on sol-gel chemistry, theoretical chemistry and inkjet printing.

Following efforts were dedicated for the creation of a strong educational program, aimed at the best students from all over the world. As a consequence, a well-equipped educational preparatory laboratory for Bachelor students was opened, and a high-level Department for Master and PhD students was established, as well.

All of these activities culminated recently in the establishment of a ChemBio cluster (where SCAMT laboratory is a scientific department), engaged in fundamental and applied research, tightly integrated into the educational process.

Currently SCAMT laboratory consists of ten independent research groups engaged in various interdisciplinary projects ranging from chemistry, to materials science, to food science, to microbiology and more. This broad scope allows us to solve critical problems of modern society and to offer solutions to global needs facing humanity.


Dage Sundholm
20-23/04-2020 Course "Introduction to computational spectroscopy" by Dage Sundholm
20-23/04-2020 at SCAMT в SCAMT Dage Sundholm, a professor in theoretical and computational chemistry at University of Helsinki, will give a course "Introduction to computational spectroscopy"
SCAMT Workshop Week 20-26/01/2020: application period is now opened!
SCAMT Workshop Week (SWW) is a brand new summer school format. During the Workshop, you will make your own project in one of the most modern fields of nanotechnologies and get new practical professional skills. Apply on our web-page!

08.11.2019, 10:11

Murat Kaya
29/11/2019 11:30 "Biological Perspective to Material Science" by Dr. Murat Kaya
29/11/2019 at SCAMT Dr. Murat Kaya from Aksaray University will give a lecture "Biological Perspective to Material Science".