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Education based on research:

  • From the first day you work on your own scientific or industry project
  • Scientific internship up to 5 months at partner Universities around the world (USA, Germany, Canada, Portugal, Sweden, Ireland, Israel) 
  • Free access to the high-technology equipment
  • Module education system: choose specialization and individual learning track
  • Opportunity to choose type of project: basic or applied research 
  • Development of soft skills, that are important for any profession
  • Group-leaders are scientists with international experience (average h-index is 18) – you will be taught how to achieve the most significant results in the world science 

Such non-classical research-based study system leads to the following successes of our students:

  • Papers in high-ranking journals (average IF 6,7)
  • Winning of Grants (7000 € of Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 285 €/month for 2 years)
  • Start-Ups (InnoColloids)
  • High competitiveness of graduate students on the global science field

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Success stories

Daniil Ilatovskiy and Elena Eremeeva (graduate 2018) 

Elizaveta Anastasova and Jilia Andreeva (graduate 2018)

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