One-pot synthesis of template-free hollow anisotropic CaCO3 structures: towards inorganic shape-mimicking drug delivery systems

Авторы: Серов Н.С.Дармороз Д.Д., Локтева А.В.,, Кошель Е.И., Виноградов В.В.


A major obstacle in the introduction of nanoformulated drugs has been the fact that the shape of the drug delivery systems (DDSs) – the most important parameter driven by the nature of viruses and bacteria – remains almost out-of-scope in artificial systems. Here we propose a potential solution for this problem by developing a template-free approach for the formulation of hollow bacteria-like CaCO3-based pH-sensitive DDSs with controllable anisotropy and click-release behavior.

DOI: 10.1039/D0CC05502F 

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