A mutation-resistant deoxyribozyme OR gate for highly selective detection of viral nucleic acids

Autors: Колпащиков Д.М., O. Kamar, S.C. Sun, C.H. Lin, W.Y. Chung, M.S. Lee, Y.C. Liao, M.C. Chuang


Highly selective probes hybridize only to fully complementary DNA or RNA sequences and, therefore, often fail to recognize mutated viral genomes. Here we designed a probe that possesses two seemingly incompatible properties: it tolerates some point mutations in genome, while it remains selective towards others. An OR deoxyribozyme logic gate was designed to fluorescently report the sequences of enterovirus 71 (EV71) covering ∼90% of all known EV71 strains. Importantly, sequences of closely related coxsackieviruses that differed by single nucleotides were reliably differentiated in 7 out of 8 cases.

DOI: 10.1039/c7cc05576e

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