Elizaveta Anastasova received a bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Physics and Materials Mechanics in 2016 at St. Petersburg State University. In the same year she entered the magistracy of the ITMO University and began working in the SCAMT laboratory in the Nanofarmacy group under the guidance of V.V. Vinogradov. In the period from October to November 2017, she completed an internship at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, in the research group of Professor Yu.K. Gunko. According to the results of research conducted in the magistracy, 3 articles were published in publications reviewed by the Web of Science and Scopus. In 2018 she entered the graduate school of ITMO University (specialty 02.00.01 - Inorganic Chemistry) and is currently engaged in the synthesis and research of the physicochemical properties of biologically active materials based on nanostructured metal oxides. In the period from April to June 2019, she completed an internship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel, in the scientific group of Professor David Avnir.