The p53 Protein Family in the Response of Tumor Cells to Ionizing Radiation: Problem Development

Авторы: Кучур О.А., Кузьмина Д.О., Духинова М.С., Штиль А.А.


Survival mechanisms are activated in tumor cells in response to therapeutic ionizing radiation. This reduces a treatment's effectiveness. The p53, p63, and p73 proteins belonging to the family of proteins that regulate the numerous pathways of intracellular signal transduction play a key role in the development of radioresistance. This review analyzes the p53-dependent and p53-independent mechanisms involved in overcoming the resistance of tumor cells to radiation exposure.

Keywords: cell death; malignant tumors; p53 family protein; radiation therapy; radioresistance.

DOI: 10.32607/actanaturae.11247