The mixed liver and kidney transcriptome dataset of Darevskia valentini rock lizard

Авторы: Ряховский С.С., Zhernakova D.V., Korchagin V., Vergun A., Girnyk A., Дикая В., Arakelyan M., Коммисаров А.С., Ryskov A.



This study is performed in the frame of a bigger study dedicated to genomics and transcriptomics of parthenogenesis in vertebrates. Among vertebrates, obligate parthenogenesis was first described in the lizards of the genus Darevskia. In this genus, all found parthenogenetic species originated via interspecific hybridization. It remains unknown which genetic or genomic factors play a key role in the generation of parthenogenetic organisms. Comparative genomic and transcriptomic analysis of parthenogens and their parental species may elucidate this problem. Darevskia valentini is a paternal species for four (of seven) parthenogens of this genus, which we promote as a particularly important species for the generation of parthenogenetic forms.

Data description

Total cellular RNA was isolated from kidney and liver tissues using the standard Trizol Tissue RNA Extraction protocol. Sequencing of transcriptome libraries prepared by random fragmentation of cDNA samples was performed on an Illumina HiSeq2500. Obtained raw sequences contained 117,6 million reads with the GC content of 47%. After preprocessing, raw data was assembled by Trinity and produced 491,482 contigs.


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