Stimuli-Responsive Mechanoluminescence in Different Matrices

Авторы: Илатовский Д.А., Никита Тютьков, Виноградов В.В., Виноградов А.В.


Here, for the first time, we investigated the effects of matrixes with different nature on the stimuli-responsive mechanoluminescence (ML) of incorporated nanoparticles. It turned out that the contraction forces initiated by polymerization process can have compressive effects that differ by orders. This effect was achieved owing to the introduction of ML crystals in an alumina sol–gel system, which has large surface of coagulation contact. As one particle of boehmite results in a tension of 10–17–10–16 N per one particle of matrix, compared to 10–19 N of PDMS matrix, the threshold of mechanoluminescence was reached at 0.04 Pa, whereas the most active materials to date did not exceed this value. Thus, this material can be a perspective for the production of impact detectors, photonic displays of the next generation, and other advanced devices.

DOI: 10.1021/acsomega.8b02696

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