Inkjet Printing of Optical Waveguides for Single‐Mode Operation

Авторы: Клестова А. О., Чеплагин Н.А.,,, Зарецкая Г., Виноградов А.В.


Inkjet printing of high‐refractive‐index optical waveguides designed for single‐mode operation is presented. A waveguide core is printed with titanium dioxide nanoparticles that form a straight strip with a high refractive index. The quartz glass without preliminary processing is used as a substrate. The optimal waveguide thickness to provide single‐mode operation in the near‐IR range is calculated. The number of printed layers necessary to obtain the required thickness and the refractive index is established. The printing parameters to provide suitable morphology for waveguide application are thoroughly studied. Measurements confirm light propagation through the printed waveguides at 1.55 µm wavelength, and the mean power loss is estimated as 3.52 dB cm−1. The branched structure is printed, and its ability to transmit and split light is demonstrated. The received data have a directly applied value for application in the future development of integrated optical circuits and printing technologies.

DOI: 10.1002/adom.201801113

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