Enzymatic Nanocomposites with Radio Frequency Field-Modulated Activity

Авторы: Юлия Андреева, Дроздов А.С., Авнир Д., Виноградов В.В.


The control over enzymatic activity by physical stimuli is of interest to many applications in medicine, biotechnology, synthetic biology, and nanobionics. Although the main focus has been on optically responsive systems, alternative strategies to modulate the enzymatic activity of hybrid systems are needed. Here we describe a radiofrequency (RF) field controlled catalytic activity of an enzymatic sol–gel composite. Specifically, the activity of bovine carbonic anhydrase entrapped in sol–gel-derived magnetite (enzyme@ferria) composite was accelerated by a factor of 460% compared to its initial value, by applying the RF field of 937 A/m, with fast response time. This acceleration is reversible and its magnitude controllable. An acceleration mechanism, based on RF-induced heating of the magnetite by the Néel relaxation effect, is proposed and proven. The entrapment within a sol–gel matrix solves the problem of enhancing activity by heating without denaturing the enzyme. RF-controlled enzymatic composites can be potentially applied as biological RF sensors or to control biochemical reactions within living organisms.

DOI: 10.1021/acsbiomaterials.8b00838

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