22/12/2018 11:00 "Персонализированная CAR-T терапия лимфомы и лейкемии" читает Степанов Алексей

22 декабря 2018 в 11:00 в SCAMT прочитает лекцию Степанов Алексей, Кандидат биологических наук, Научный сотрудник Лаборатории биокатализа, ИБХ им. академиков М.М. Шемякина и Ю.А. Овчинникова Российской академии наук

Ученый выступит с лекцией: «Персонализированная CAR-T терапия лимфомы и лейкемии»

"Personalized CAR-T Therapy of Lymphoma and Leukemia" 

Abstract: Administration of T cells, modified by chimeric antigen receptors (CAR), is one of the most developing areas of the immuno-oncology. Over the past decade, this area of the cell therapy rapidly revolutionizes from optimizing the structure of chimeric antigenic receptors and experiments on animal models to successful clinical applications. The initial vector of the CAR development was directed towards increasing activation, cytotoxicity and persistence of modified T-cells. However, the first attempts to treat patients with CART have demonstrated the necessity to increase safety and manageability of the genetically modified T cells. As immunotherapy expands we need a way to discover more tumor antigens and their specific ligands. At present the “menu” of tumor antigens is limited. Since leukemia and lymphoma is a clonal malignancy of a diverse system, every cancer lineage has a unique TCR or BCR on its cell surface. We suggest a novel approaches for rapid identification of the patient-specific antigens (which are the TCR or BCR) from cancer cells and generation of the personalized only-tumor specific CAR for achieving improved efficacy and reduced toxicity.