Magnetic thrombolytic ceramic nanoparticles

Authors: Drozdov A. S.Vinogradov V.V.


The present study is devoted to the development of a new class of thrombolytic systems - magnetic thrombolytic ceramic nanoparticles. Indirect plasminogen activator, streptokinase, was entrapped into magnetite sol-gel matrix to produce magnetically-targetable solid-state thrombolytic agent with non-releasing behavior, demonstrating the prolonged effect. Based on the obtained composites, thrombolytic nanocolloids of nanoparticles with a size of less than 500 nm were produced. Resulting colloid is fully biocompatible, consists only of components approved for parenteral administration by FDA and EMA, and suitable for intravenous injection. Thrombolytic activity of the composites was studied on the plasminogen activation tests, lysis of human plasma clots and on a model thrombus made from whole human blood. Based on these results, a mechanism for activating entrapped streptokinase and the formation of the plasmin-streptokinase complex is suggested

DOI: 10.1016/j.matpr.2017.07.014

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