Inkjet Printing of Multicolor Daylight Visible Opal Holography

Authors: , Yakovlev A.V., Grachova E.V., Vinogradov A.V.


Inkjet printing of holography is a prospective technique for fabrication of anti‐counterfeiting devices and full‐color imaging. A method for production of multicolor opal holography using photonic colloidal crystals is presented. The method for direct printing of holograms on paper with transparent inks based on uniform polystyrene spheres with diameters 315, 450, and 550 nm, respectively, is presented. Inks are prepared and optimized by rheological parameters with the theory of Ohnesorge numbers. Opal‐like structures are formed on a silicon wafer, glass slide, and glossy photo paper under variation temperatures of drying and different number of layers. Drops morphology and effect on optical properties are profoundly studied. The implementation of Fourier transform of the radial distribution function for calculation of relative value of ordering of the colloidal spheres in the printed drop which allows estimating the influence of printing defects and coffee‐ring on total particle order in the printed drop is reported for the first time. The received data have a direct applied value and can be used in future printing technologies.


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