Draft genome of Bugula neritina, a colonial animal packing powerful symbionts and potential medicines

Authors: Mikhail Rayko, Komissarov A.S., Jason C. Kwan, Grace Lim-Fong, Adelaide C. Rhodes, Sergey Kliver, Kuchur P.D., Stephen J. O’Brien, Jose V. Lopez


Many animal phyla have no representatives within the catalog of whole metazoan genome sequences. This dataset fills in one gap in the genome knowledge of animal phyla with a draft genome of Bugula neritina (phylum Bryozoa). Interest in this species spans ecology and biomedical sciences because B. neritina is the natural source of bioactive compounds called bryostatins. Here we present a draft assembly of the B. neritina genome obtained from PacBio and Illumina HiSeq data, as well as genes and proteins predicted de novo and verified using transcriptome data, along with the functional annotation. These sequences will permit a better understanding of host-symbiont interactions at the genomic level, and also contribute additional phylogenomic markers to evaluate Lophophorate or Lophotrochozoa phylogenetic relationships. The effort also fits well with plans to ultimately sequence all orders of the Metazoa.

Read full: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41597-020-00684-y?sf238989577=1