Biocide-conjugated magnetite nanoparticles as an advanced platform for biofilm treatment

Authors: Rumyantceva V.I.Rumyantceva V.I., Koshel E.I., Vinogradov V.V.


Biofilm-related diseases contribute to patient morbidity, increased mortality and represent a considerable economic burden. Despite numerous developments in the field of combating biofilms, the most effective treatment method is still the mechanical removal of biofilms or the replacement of a device overgrown with biofilm. Given that the main challenges are the mechanical stability of biofilms, low penetration of biocides and the persistence of cells with reduced metabolic status in them, a promising direction is the use of magnetically controlled materials for their treatment. Current review discusses recent applications of magnetite-based materials as biocide delivery carriers and effectiveness of these conjugates against biofilms.

DOI: 10.4155/tde-2019-0011

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