Technology brokerage in nanoengineering and biotechnology

The master's degree program in English is made to at train the demanded competitive specialists in technological brokerage, who are able to bring to the market the results of intellectual activity in the field of biotechnology and chemical nano-engineering using the most modern implementation technologies.

During the English-taught program, basic concepts and main trends in the field will be revealed:

* biotechnology and nanoengineering

* technological product

* innovation process

* technological chain

Will be considered:

* various types of innovative projects and stages of their implementation,

* operational ways of obtaining maximum revenue asap

* methods and approaches for the commercialization of projects.

The students receive the following competencies necessary for a modern specialist:
- the ability to create innovative developments in the field of biotechnology and nano-engineering,
- the ability to bring the results of intellectual activity to consumers,
- engineering and fundamental knowledge in the field of nanoengineering and biotechnology
- soft skills (for example, management of concentration and attention, teamwork, critical, problem-oriented thinking, etc.)