Yulia Pilipenko completed her bachelor's (2011-2015), master's (2015-2017) and postgraduate studies (2017-2021) at St. Petersburg State University with a degree in a chemistry of macromolecular compounds under the supervision of Prof. Tennikova T.B. in the interdepartmental laboratory of biomedical chemistry and the laboratory of biohybrid technologies. Yulia has international work experience at Freie Universität Berlin (Prof. Monika Shäfer-Korting, Prof. Eckart Ruehl, 3 months) and University of Eastern Finland (Prof. Arto Urtti, 3 months). She supervised a research project together with “Biocad” (2019-2020). Research interests are related to the synthesis of biohybrid and stimulus-sensitive smart polymers to create materials with controlled properties for biomedical applications. The main approaches used in the work: synthesis of high molecular weight compounds by controlled radical polymerization (RAFT), ring opening polymerization (ROP) (random, block and graft copolymers); synthesis of low molecular weight compounds (linkers, monomers); obtaining hydrogel polyelectrolyte materials based on natural polysaccharides and their hybrid copolymers; encapsulation of bioactive molecules through labile bonds; cell tests (MTT test, CTB test, analysis with Trypan Blue).