Nicole Agadzhanian

In 2020, Nicole graduated from the St. Petersburg State Technical University with a degree in Biotechnology.

After defending her bachelor`s thesis “Synthesis of supermagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and assessment of their effect on the functional properties of stem cells in vitro”, she decided to continue working at the interface of disciplines. After becoming part of “Experimental Oncology and Immunology” team under the master's program based on SCAMT, she joined to studies of the mechanisms of tumor cell death when combining nanoparticles with amino acid derivatives.

    International Journal of Molecular Science
    Tsyimbal S.A., Anna Moiseeva , Agadzhanian N.А., Svetlana Efimova, Alina Markova , Dmitry Guk, Olga Kapustvskaya , Victoria Alpatova , Andrey Zaitsev , Anna Shibaeva, Victor Tatarskiy , Dukhinova M.S., Valentina Ol'shevskaya , Olga Ostroumova , Elena Beloglazkina , Shtil A. A. Подробнее