Elena Eremeeva

Elena Eremeeva received her bachelor's degree in 2016 at the Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology (Technical University) in nanotechnology and electronic materials. She first came to the SCAMT laboratory in November 2016 and started working as a volunteer. Her first project was «UV-curable high refrective laquers», after which she entered the graduate program at ITMO University, continuing this project. The project was successfully completed in March 2017 with the publication of an article in the Journal of Material Chemistry C and was immediately followed by the next project on the printing of hidden interference images with nanocrystalline cellulose. From September to December 2017 she did an internship at the University of Gent, Belgium, in the research group SCRIPTs. She graduated with honors Master's degree in Biotechnology at the ITMO University in June 2018 and is currently a junior researcher at the SCAMT laboratory.