Happy World Science Day! Established by UNESCO, this day (the 10th of November) became the main holyday for scientists from all over the world

Vladimir Vinogradov, head of the International Laboratory "Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies."

I joined the academic community by chance. Writing a thesis was not my main goal, I just wanted to create innovations, introduce them into the market and do business. Once, it occurred me that modern science is a kind of business with its specific rules, which is less cruel and which gives vast opportunities. That is how I became a scientist.

I am so excited by transformations of the world. And it is not only about politics. Today, technologies change the present completely. It is wonderful to be a part of this process.

Teaching youth inspires me to contribute to the science. I don’t use the word "students" because they are our partners. Generally, I want young scientists to win Nobel Prizes, stay in Russia and respect science.



(author Polina Poleshchuk)