SCAMT hosted world-known scientists during the Workshop "From Genes to Drugs"

The colleagues from University of South Carolina together with Russian scientists gave pitches on the following topics:

Igor Roninson (USC): Cancer Therapeutics: from Genes to Drugs 

Eugenia Broude (USC): Preventing drug resistance in cancer through CDK8/19 

Marat Pavlyukov (IBChem RAS): A novel role of spliceosomal proteins in intercellular communication of cancer cells

Victor Tatarsky (IGB RAS): Transcriptional reprogramming for sensitization of CML cells to targeted drugs

Phillip Buckhaults (USC): Spindle assembly checkpoint inhibition can re-sensitize p53-null stem cells to cancer chemotherapy 

Сampbell McInnes (USC): Structure based design of non-ATP competitive kinase inhibitors targeting PLK1 and BRAF