SCAMT Lab's Anna Fakhardo Talks Nanobots and Cancer Research
Anna Fakhardo, a second-year PhD student at ITMO’s International Laboratory SCAMT, is one of the first to initiate biological research at the lab.


Internships in Belgium: How to Apply and What to Expect
Elena Eremeeva and Daniil Ilatovskiy are Master's students at ITMO's SCAMT laboratory who have recently completed internships at universities in Belgium are telling their story about Ghent University and University of Liège.


Cheap, Eco-Friendly, Biocompatible: Bright Prospects For Nanocellulose
Nanocrystalline cellulose is said to be the material of the future. Elena Eremeeva - Master’s student is working on this topic at SCAMT.


ITMO’s Master's Students Share Experiences from Ireland Internship
Yulia Andreeva and Elizaveta Anastasova, Master’s students from ITMO’s Department of Food Microingredients Processing and researchers at the SCAMT International Laboratory telling us about their aboroad trip.


New U.S. Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman Visits ITMO
The visit took place on 29th November 2017; the Ambassador met the University’s administration and students to consult about future collaborations.


Biocompatible Magnetic Photonic Crystals can be used both for Optics and Medicine
Andrey Drozdov - researcher at the SCAMT in ITMO University – explains the full method and it`s advantages.


New English-taught Master Programs at ITMO’s Biochemistry Cluster
Nanoengineering for Green Chemistry and Advanced Materials and Molecular Biosensing and Biorobotics - were launched this year at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology of ITMO's Biochemistry cluster. Students share their thoughts and plans.


ITMO University Scientists from SCAMT received prestigious Ulrich Award
The award for achievements in the field of sol-gel technology was granted to Vladimir Vinogradov, Head of ITMO University’s International Laboratory "Solution Сhemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies" (SCAMT) and to Alexander Vinogradov, head of ITMO’s Biochemistry cluster.


Alumina nanoparticle-assisted enzyme refolding: A versatile methodology for proteins renaturation
Katerina V. Volodina, David Avnir & Vladimir V. Vinogradov created new method of proteins renaturation. The full article printed in Scientific Reports.


SCAMT chemists Brought Folded Proteins to Life
The method is based on electrostatic interaction between folded, or denatured, proteins and alumina, which unwrap them.


SCAMT chemists and scientists form Switzerland created biosafe luminescent nanoparticles for imaging tumors and blood vessels damaged by heart attacks or strokes
SCAMT scientists: Anna Fakhardo and Aleksandra Furasova are telling about the main purpose of the invention: the article was published in Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces


ITMO Opens its Chemistry and Biotechnology Research and Educational Center
Students will now be able to use the center's laboratories to conduct practice-oriented research, as well as work on orders from different industrial partners.


"Death and Life of Catalysts": Evgeny Pidko on Getting the ERC Grant and his Research Plans
Dr. Evgeny Pidko, professor at Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands), participant of ITMO Professorship program and member of the SCAMT International Laboratory told us about one of the most prestigious European grants — the ERC Consolidator Grants.


Reversible sol–gel–sol medium for enzymatic optical biosensors
New article by SCAMT scintists: Sofia M. Safaryan, Aleksandr V. Yakovlev, Evgeny A. Pidko, Alexandr V. Vinogradov and Vladimir V. Vinogradov is published in Journal of Materials Chemistry B


Inkjet printing of transparent sol-gel computer generated holograms
SCAMT scientists Aleksandr V. Yakovlev, Evgeny A. Pidko, and Alexandr V. Vinogradov created innovative high refractive index inks that make it possible to obtain holographic images that are absolutely transparent in visible light but capable of projecting holographic images or inscriptions under laser radiation, for example, by a laser pointer.