Building A New Generation of Drugs: SCAMT Laboratory Scientists On Rational Chemical Design Using Metal-Organic Frameworks
SCAMT scientists presented their research on framework materials that was published in Russian Chemical Reviews.


ITMO.Live 2018: Graduates Celebrate at Peter and Paul Fortress
This year, was the third time that ITMO University graduates celebrated their graduation in the very heart of St. Petersburg, near the walls of Peter and Paul Fortress. SCAMT graduate students also took part in the ITMO`s party.


Scientists Describe Oxidants' Effect on Metal-Organic Frameworks for Drug Delivery
A team of chemists-theoreticians modelled the interaction of a metal-organic framework (MOF) for drug delivery with oxidants.


Kirill Keller and Vladislav Slabov, SCAMT master’s students, spent the last three months at the University of Aveiro as part of the Erasmus+ program
Students are talking about their recent experience of studying in Portugal, research projects and tips on Erasmus+ Program.


New Blockchain-Based System Will Control Quality of Medical and Chemical Products
SCAMT lab presents new product called “Nanodoctor”. SCAMT and ITMO scientists have developed a biocide system of prolonged effect, which can eliminate bacteria and viruses of nearly all kinds, mitigating all effects on a human’s biological condition.


New Research Allows Jet-Printing of Piezostructures and Holograms on Any Surface
SCAMT Master's students Vladislav Slabov and Kirill Keller talk about the role of inkjet printing methods in their new research.


SCAMT Member on New Approaches to Chemical Education
New lecturer at ITMO’s Research and Educational Center of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology believes that we can and must change the educational approaches.


BioHack-2018: 48 Hours to Make a Difference
The 48-hour hackathon BioHack-2018 has taken place in St. Petersburg. Teams of biologists and programmers from all around Russia worked on bioinformatics cases. The event brought together both university students and young scientists. Software and IT developer EPAM and the Institute of Bioinformatics sponsored the project.


ITMO-Developed Nanoparticle Technology Helps Stop Internal Bleeding
Scientists from ITMO University have developed magnetically-driven nanoparticles containing thrombin. Andrey Drozdov - member of SCAMT - telling the full story


ITMO University Will Host 20th International Sol-Gel Conference
Universities from Switzerland, Greece, and Russia competed for the right to host the 20th International Sol-Gel Conference in 2019; ITMO University, whose scientists have recently received the prestigious Ulrich Award in the field of sol-gel technologies, has become the winner. In two years, the university will welcome over 800 young scientists from all over the world as part of the conference.


SCAMT Lab's Anna Fakhardo Talks Nanobots and Cancer Research
Anna Fakhardo, a second-year PhD student at ITMO’s International Laboratory SCAMT, is one of the first to initiate biological research at the lab.


Internships in Belgium: How to Apply and What to Expect
Elena Eremeeva and Daniil Ilatovskiy are Master's students at ITMO's SCAMT laboratory who have recently completed internships at universities in Belgium are telling their story about Ghent University and University of Liège.


Cheap, Eco-Friendly, Biocompatible: Bright Prospects For Nanocellulose
Nanocrystalline cellulose is said to be the material of the future. Elena Eremeeva - Master’s student is working on this topic at SCAMT.


ITMO’s Master's Students Share Experiences from Ireland Internship
Yulia Andreeva and Elizaveta Anastasova, Master’s students from ITMO’s Department of Food Microingredients Processing and researchers at the SCAMT International Laboratory telling us about their aboroad trip.


New U.S. Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman Visits ITMO
The visit took place on 29th November 2017; the Ambassador met the University’s administration and students to consult about future collaborations.