Besting Elon Musk at Memristors and Making a Vascular System Model to End Animal Testing: Results of SCAMT Workshop Week
Yet another installment of the international winter school SCAMT Workshop Week has recently wrapped up at ITMO University. Over the course of a week, more than 40 participants from different Russian cities were attending lectures, collaborating on scientific projects, mastering working with state-of-the-art equipment and just getting to know each other.


Bioinformatics Specialist Alexey Komissarov on Gaps in Genomic Studies and Plans to Close Them
It was not so long ago that bioinformatics specialist Alexey Komissarov joined the team of ITMO University’s SCAMT Laboratory, where he conducts the assembling and annotation of complex genomes of animals and humans. At the end of 2019, the Applied Genomics research group, which he heads, received a grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Their project will be dedicated to the analysis of genes and proteins in nerve cells of lampreys, which could help in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases.


ITMO Scientists and Mariinskaya Hospital Specialists Are Developing a New Thrombolytic Drug
ITMO University’s international research center SCAMT, together with specialists from the Mariinskaya Hospital, continues to work on a new thrombolytic drug. Based on the of preliminary tests, magnetically controlled particles can break down blood clots significantly more effective than the drugs currently used.


Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) announced grant winners of the competition for the best fundamental research projects
Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) announced grant winners of the competition for the best fundamental research projects: SCAMT member is one of the winners.


Project SCAMT Workshop Week Makes It to Shortlist of QS Reimagine Education
On December 8-10, 2019, London hosted the QS Reimagine Education international conference, which brought together representatives of universities, research institutions, technological companies, startups, and nonprofit organizations, who gathered to discuss the prospects for the development of higher education and its evolution. As part of the conference, a competition of innovative projects in the field of education was also organized. This year, ITMO University’s SCAMT International Research Center’s project SCAMT Workshop Week became the only representative of Russia in the competition’s shortlist.


New Laboratory to Appear at ITMO University as Part of a Russian Government Megagrant
SCAMT Laboratory has received a megagrant from the Russian government.


SCAMT ITMO Researchers’ Project Named Top Innovative Product by St. Petersburg Committee for Science and Higher Education
The winning project, First Aid, is an innovative treatment for post-surgery scarring, stretch marks, cuts, and burns for patients of all ages. The project is being developed by the Master’s and PhD students of ITMO’s ChemBio Cluster.


Exceptional XX International Sol-Gel Conference held in St.Petersburg
The leading sol-gel materials science and technology conference held in Russia, August 2019


Researchers Propose New Model For Catalytic Reactions For Oil Industry
An international research team has shown that the conversion process of natural gas into methanol depends not only on the permanent characteristics of the catalysts used but also on the properties that these catalysts exhibit in the course of the reaction. This discovery can revolutionize the oil and wood industries by introducing modern technologies, which will allow manufacturers to process waste into valuable chemical products. The article was published in ACS Catalysis.


XX International Sol-Gel Conference: Statistics
Thank you for joining us on the XX International Sol-Gel Conference. We hope the event was useful and enjoyable for you. We also believe, that the spirit of the Next Sol-Gel Generation was caught and will be continued during the next meetings. We would like to share the results and some major statistics of the event


Prawns and Aerogels: Sol-Gel Science Slam
On August 29, ITMO University hosted a Science Slam competition as part of the Sol-Gel Conference. The event brought together PhD students and junior research associates from Switzerland, Israel, France and Russia, who shared about their research in an unusual format. In line with the rules of Science Slam, the winner was chosen by the audience-applause meter.


Science Conference for New Generation: International Sol-Gel Conference Starts at ITMO University
August 26 marked the start of the XX International Sol-Gel Conference. Taking place at ITMO University, it is dedicated to research in the field of solution chemistry. This is the first time that the prestigious event is being held in Russia. More than 500 participants from China, France, Germany and other countries gathered in St. Petersburg to discuss the future of the field, share about their experience, explore promising developments, and talk about their own research topics in the format of stand-up presentations as part of the Science Slam project. The main topic of the anniversary conference was supporting young researchers.


Russian and Swedish Scientists Work Together on New Biomedical Product
ITMO University scientists in collaboration with their colleagues from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU University), Uppsala, Sweden, have developed biocomposites made of proteins based on natural spider silk and optically active nanoparticles. What is remarkable about the new material is that it combines the properties of natural silk fiber and synthetic particles. The biocomposite has unique mechanical characteristics and can give a detectable optical response when exposed to infrared radiation, which makes it a potential candidate for biomedical applications.


60,000 Steps a Day: ITMO Students on Organizing Mendeleev-150 Conference
What’s it like to take part in organizing a major international conference as a first-year student? How do you communicate with scientists from the world over and solve an avalanche of issues in mere hours? This July, ITMO University was home to the 4th International Conference on the Periodic Table, which brought together renowned chemists, physicists, educators, and historians of chemistry from Russia, the US, the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Israel, China, and other countries. The event’s organizing committee was comprised, in part, of students of ITMO’s School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems.