ITMO University Launches New Chemical-Biological Center
Rector Vladimir Vasilyev and Professor David Avnir, co-head of the SCAMT International Laboratory participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.


World’s Science Day: What Are the Cherished Dreams of Researchers?
Vladimir Vinogradov, head of the International Laboratory SCAMT tells his story about inspiration in science and work in ITMO.


Metal–organic frameworks as competitive materials for non-linear optics
L. R. Mingabudinova, V. V. Vinogradov, V. A. Milichko, E. Hey-Hawkins and A. V. Vinogradov published new article in Chemical Society Reviews journal


ITMO’s Magnetically Controlled Thrombolytic Received a Grant for Non-clinical Studies
A new magnetically controlled thrombolytic developed at ITMO University received governmental support.


SCAMT’s Review on Chemically Synthesized Materials — a Reason to be Proud
Researchers from SCAMT International Laboratory in collaboration with their colleagues from the Department of Nanophotonics and Metamaterials published a review article on the topic in ChemicalSocietyReview, a most trusted scientific magazine for chemists.


Streptokinase@alumina nanoparticles as a promising thrombolytic colloid with prolonged action
Yulia E. Chapurina, Andrey S. Drozdov, Inna Popov, Vasiliy V. Vinogradov, Ivan P. Dudanov and Vladimir V. Vinogradov published new article in Journal of Materials Chemistry B


Protection of enzymes from photodegradation by entrapment within alumina
Olga E.Shapovalova, DavidLevy, DavidAvnir, Vladimir V.Vinogradov published new article in Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces.


Collagenase@magnetite: proteolytic composite for magnetically targeted minimally invasive surgery
Emiliya M. Shabanova, Andrey S. Drozdov, Vladimir Ivanovski, Irina I. Suvorovac and Vladimir V. Vinogradov published new article in RSC Advances journal.


Researchers Are on the Way to Obtain First Chemically Synthesized Metamaterial
Scientists from ITMO University,Leipzig Universityand Friedrich-Alexander University synthesized a new crystalline material made of iron ions connected by organic bridges.


More Than a Few Laughs: ITMO University Science Slam
SCAMT member Ekaterina Volodina also took part and spoke on the topic "Proteins for Parkinson's".


Magnetic Delivery of Therapeutic Enzymes Paves the Way for Targeted Thrombosis Treatment
SCAMT researchers have fabricated a new magnetically controlled material composed of enzymes entrapped directly within magnetite particles


SCAMT says: Inkjet Hologram Printing is Now Possible
Alexander Vinogradov, SCAMT senior research associate of ITMO University, developed colorless ink made of nanocrystalline titania, which can be loaded into an inkjet printer and then deposited on special microembossed paper, resulting in unique patterned images.