"Activation of nitrous oxide and beyond"

Actively moving forward!

In a week on September 17 at 17:00 a young scientist from the Max Planck University, Germany - Alexander Tskhovrebov will give a lecture at SCAMT.

The title of the lecture "Activation of nitrous oxide and beyond"


The chemistry of N2O (‘laughing gas’) gained a significant attention in recent years since it was identified as the most potent ozone-depleting gas emitted in the 21st century. Its concentration in the atmosphere continues to increase, and human activities contribute significantly to it. Most of anthropogenic emissions of N2O are just destroyed by the energy-demanding decomposition into elements. However, we believe that nitrous oxide is a promising reagent. The upcoming talk will summarize our efforts to employ N2O as a reagent in synthetic chemistry. First, the utilization of nitrous oxide an oxidant will be discussed. Furthermore, it will be shown that N2O can be used as building block for more complex molecules and an N-atom donor for the synthesis of important organic molecules.