Gene-therapeutic agents based on nucleic acids lab


Gene-therapeutic agents based on nucleic acids are one of the most promising methods of modern medicine and can be used for the treatment of oncological diseases. To solve this problem, we have developed our own unique approach to cancer treatment using DNA technology. This approach is implemented by suppressing vital housekeeping genes in the presence of RNA cancer markers. Targeting housekeeping genes with a DNA nanomachine will lead to the induction of cell death exclusively in tumor cells, which is a fundamentally new highly selective approach in gene therapy. Our research focuses on the technology of antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs), small interfering RNAs (siRNAs), and DNAzyme-based Machines. These different agents are short nucleic acids that are able to suppress the expression of the target gene through by degrading mRNA of a specific gene. They demonstrate advantages such as high productivity, easy adaptation potential to target almost any desired gene, simplicity of their work, and the verity of their applications.  Thus, our task is combining these promising technologies with our advanced approach to targeting housekeeping genes and cancer prognosis. We strive to develop research in the field of oncology and lay the foundation for the development of new drugs for the individual treatment of oncological diseases.


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