David Avnir


David Avnir is a Chemistry Professor at the Hebrew University where he received all his academic education. 
His current scientific activities include organically doped metals, theoretical and experimental aspects of chirality, theoretical studies in symmetry, and sol-gel organic hybrid materials and biomaterials. Earlier major interests included fractal theory in chemistry and physics, and far-from-equilibrium phenomena such as chemically driven hydrodynamic instabilities. He has co-authored 380 papers, which are highly cited (ISI: h=63, ~18,000 citations; Scholar: h=78, ~31,000 citations). He was the first Chairman of the Board of the International Sol-Gel Society (ISGS). Some of his recognitions include the Israel Chemical Society Prize (2011), his placement on the Hebrew University's "Wall of the Innovators'' (2012), and receiving the Life Achievement Award of the ISGS (2013).