Molecular Biosensing and Biorobotics

«Molecular biosensing and biorobotics» program the aims at preparation of high-qualified specialists in the fields of new methods for diagnotics and treatment, drug delivery, nanodevices and materials with new properties. This program is made for those who want to do world-level science during the master study.

The program uses innovational interdisciplinary approach, combining modern information technologies and state-of-art practical methods. The program is based on a synergy of experiment and modelling in a cell, molecular- and microbiology and biochemistry.

The practical part is supported by theoretical courses form the leading scientists who specialize in the fields of molecular biology, oncology, new materials for biomedical applications, marketing of new technologies etc.

You can perform a research project in one of the research groups or work on your own startup in an industrial laboratory. Depending on your project from the second semester, you choose an individual educational trajectory in one of the following specializations: