Victoria Vernadskaya

Victoria Vernadskaya was born in Velikie Luki in 1996. She graduated B.Sc at St. Petersburg State University, Institute of Chemistry, Department of Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics (2018). In the group of associate professor Toykka M.A. Victoria was making on research of phase and chemical equilibrium, solubility and critical phenomena in the quaternary systems with the reaction of esterification. In 2018 she published the article in Fluid Phase Equilibria. During the master's program at ITMO University she joined the TheoMAT team, where under the leadership of Polynsky M.V. and Pidko E.A. began the development of theoretical computational chemistry. Now she engages the computational modeling of possible transformations of the (benzene)ruthenium dichloride dimer in water-THF-acetic acid solutions under CO atmosphere.