29 September 2017

From ETH Zurich to SCAMT Lab: How to choose a destination for your Master thesis

This September the SCAMT Lab is happy to welcome Rea Fonjallaz – a Master student from ETH Zurich who will stay with us until February and do her research here under the supervision of Pavel Krivoshapkin - head of Research and Educational Center of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. As Russia is not a typical destination for foreign students (at least for now) we decided to ask Rea why she chose our SCAMT Lab as a place for her Master thesis research.

07 September 2017

Glowing Nanoparticle Ink Could Lead to Easy DIY Holograms

Want to make phosphorescent ink? Dope it with some europium.

26 May 2017

Alumina-assisted enzyme refolding

A new methodology for enzyme renaturation by alumina nanopartices was created.

03 May 2017

New biocompatible luminescent nanoparticles

A new synthetis of luminiscent and biocompatible rare earth-doped hafnia hydrosols was developed.

08 February 2017

New education research center of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

New education research center of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology was opened in the framework of already existing cluster of chemistry and biology, which also includes the department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology and the laboratory "Solution...

29 November 2016

Inkjet printing of transparent sol-gel computer generated holograms

Copmuter-generated holography is a computational methodology which allows to create holographic version of any image by computer calculation and further transfer onto suitable substrate that could be manifested by a laser irradiation as a projections o...

03 November 2016

PhD student position in a field of computational chemisty in the TU/e

Eindhoven University of Technology is looking for a IT-specialists with an iтterest in a field of chemistry and computational chemsitry for PhD studentship with an opportunity to make a double PhD. The young researchers will be working in the field ...

27 October 2016

Erasmus+ mobility program

ITMO University continue its collaboration with University of Leipzig in Erasmus+ academic mobility program. Recently European Commission has approved exchange program for a perion of 2016-2018 years submitted by universities, and it's open up a new pr...

11 October 2016

Researchers from the ITMO University offers a new ways to create metamaterials

Over the past few years, metamaterials have caused great interest of researchers from various fields. However, the study of unique properties and understanding of phenomena of metamaterials is very limited due to complicated production technologies and...

04 October 2016

Proteolytic nanocomposite for minimal invasive surgery

Proteolytic enzymes find numerous applications in medicine for example for cancer tumors treatment and in cosmetology. One of the most promising members of this class of enzymes is a collagenase due to its narrow specificity in cleavage of collagen - t...